Who We Are

Zao MKE is a Jesus-rooted, justice centered, radically inclusive community in Milwaukee, WI.

JESUS ROOTED: We root our community in the life, person, and teaching of Jesus Christ as represented by the Christian Bible: a radical brown Palestinian peasant, the God who is with us, preaching love, justice, and resistance. We look to Jesus to speak truth into our present circumstances through both the historical context of the bible and the universal truths of Jesus’ teaching.

JUSTICE CENTERED: The Gospel of Jesus Christ leads us directly into the work of justice – the active and engaged struggle for all to be free, both spiritually and physically. We stand with Jesus, who always stands with the oppressed and marginalized, against those powers and principalities of injustice.

RADICALLY INCLUSIVE: The call for justice issued by the gospel of Jesus Christ is for the purpose of reconciling all things into wholeness with God. To the end, we seek to build a radically inclusive community and world, wherein all people are valued in the fullness of who God has made them to be – affirmed, celebrated, and loved. We explicitly affirm the life, value, and worth of LGBTQIA people, and the Movement for Black Lives.

Join us.