Our Pastor: Jonah Holm

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pronouns: they, them, their


+1 847 331 3356

Jonah is the pastor and church planter of Zao MKE Church. They love Jesus, justice, powerlifting, bacon, nail polish, and kittens. Jonah has been a ministry junkie for many years, but has often struggled to find church communities that are boldly committed to Jesus and truly inclusive. Luckily Jonah found some incredibly inspiring leaders and communities along their journey that modeled radical commitment to Jesus, and a radical commitment to justice and inclusion for all. Jonah noticed a pattern - many of these spiritual communities had been formed recently from scratch, doing church differently and creatively in their own context. Because of Jonah's experience with this different way of seeking God, Jonah found hope that the church could become a welcome home for all. They are thrilled and honored to be doing that work here in Milwaukee now - building something both new and ancient, that transforms the lives of all who experience it.